Hair Services



Bang Trim


Updos, Special Occasion Style


Bridal Updo


Wash & Style short hair


Wash & Style long hair


Blow Dry Long Hair


Flat Iron




Color Retouch


Full Color




Corrective Color may include:

Lightening/Color removal


Single Process Color


Double Process Color


Full Highlight/Lowlight


Partilal Highlight Lowlight




Cap Highlight


Brazilian Blowout


Brazilian Blowout Express


Brazilian Bond Builder




Condition/Scalp Treatment


Keratin treatment


Extensions itips


Extension readjustment 3-6 weeks

Bella Couture Salon Spa
Bella Couture Salon Spa
Bella Couture Salon Spa

Botox Services

​Botox treatments are an anti-wrinkle injection used to treat wrinkles that are created by movement in the face. The brow furrow, the frown lines, worry lines, crow's feet, bunny lines, can all be treated using Botox injections. Small doses of Botox to a variety of areas of your face will create a youthful refreshed appearance in only a few minutes with little down time. Results start appearing within a week, reaching full corrections after 2 weeks. Botox results will last 3-5 months. Frequent touch-ups prolong its duration and often require fewer units per Botox treatment.Botox Cosmetic is $12 per unit.  The average units used is 25-35, varying lower or higher up to a max of 100 units per application. Botox will last approximately 4-6 months.Please feel free to call or stop by to make an appointment. Lets improve your glow by restoring your skin to is healthy youthful appearance.

Juvederm Fillers

Juvederm Dermal fillers are used instantly to add definition and volume to lips and smooth out wrinkle lines along the sides of your nose & mouth. Juvederm injections will provide natural looking results for up to a year with optimal treatment. Juvederm is made from a modifed hyaluronic acid. Its a natural occurring substance in our bodies made with a specialized HYLACROSS technology.

You may expect to pay an average of $500-$700 per syringe depending on your goals. You may need multiple syringes in one session.  Please feel free to call or stop by to make an appointment. Lets improve your glow by restoring your skin to is healthy youthful appearance.

Bella Couture Salon Spa
Bella Couture Salon Spa

Vitamin B12 Shots

The B-12 vitamin shot plays an important role in many functions in the body. It includes increasing energy levels if your vitamin deficient, balances immunity, helps prevent certain types of hair loss, may help with weight loss, mental clarity, may improve sleep, also cellular rejuvenation. $20

Full Service Esthetic Services

Rejuvenating Facials

Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

Look and feel radiant with a customized facial suited to your skin type: normal, dry, oily combination, sensitive. Facials may be combined with led light therapy. Benifits rids signs of aging, evens pigmentation minimizes pores and breakouts.

Deluxe Spa Facial

This service includes a cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, massage, steam, skin analysis, extraction, finishing mask, ampule treatment and finishing products (eye treatment, toner and care cream). This treatment increases your cellular turnover which reduces your wrinkle formation and increases your skin's elasticity, strength and hydration.
1hr &15 min $70

Four layer facial

This service includes a skin analysis, cleanse, gentle exfoliant, steam, extraction, massage, thermal treatment. Great treatment before a special event! An intense hydrating facial, incorporated with a thermal mask of a gentle heating action that contours and revitalizes the skin through a deep penetration of active ingredients including vit c, seaweed and magnesium.
1hr & 15min $75

Breakout control facial

Acne is problem for people of all ages. Excess oil, dead skincells create sebaceous filaments (pimples). Our remedies including a good enzyme exfoliation, extraction and healing products will help start clearing your complexion. We'll educate you how to properly care for and control your skin.
1hr $70

Rosacea control facial

This service includes a cleanse, non abrasive exfoliant, massage without friction, steam, skin analysis, extraction if needed, finishing mask and finishing products- eye cream/gel, toner lotion, care cream. This treatment removes impurities and also is calming, and soothing. Performing ingredients used are capillary strengthening, decongesting, vasco-constricting, desensitizing, hydrating and healing.
1hr $65

Spa Facial

This service includes a cleanse/gentle exfoliant, massage, steam, skin analysis, extraction, finishing mask and finishing products- eye cream/gel, toner lotion, care cream. This treatment allows a balance of hydration, removal of impurities, and revitalizes with a glow.
1hr $65

Teen facial

17 or younger with parents permission!
Educate young adults how to properly care for their skin.
This steam and clean treatment includes a skin analysis, a cleanse/gentle exfoliant, steam, extraction, finishing mask,finishing products, toner lotion, eye gel/cream care cream moisturizer. An enzyme exfoliation may be suggested add on ten dollars.
Forty-five mins $40

Pevonia lacto-flora peel

Prevents epidermal thickening, lightens hyperpigmentation, lessens fine lines. $70

Pevonia micro-retinol peel

Wrinkle smoothing, strengthens elasticity, increases moisture, evens pigmentation.. $70


A micro-crystal vacume suction procedure. Removes dead skin cells, stimulates cell production and collegen, lessens fine lines and age spots, and acne scaring, number of treatment results vary


Led light therapy facial

Led colored light therapy rejuvenatest skin tissue, is healing, skin strenghten, kills bacteria, improves circulation, antiaging, evens pigmentation minimizes pores and breakouts. Spa facial included.



Skin rejuvenation and hair removal with a peel prep solution and sterile dermaplaning blade with light strokes, simply shaving the skins surface, removing vellus hair and dead skin, resulting with smooth supple and vibrant glow. Includes hair removal, peel prep, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory led light therapy & and a skin strengthen collagen mask.
60 minutes, $80

Bella Couture Salon Spa

Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning procedure and what to expect:

Come to your appointment showered, & exfoliated, without any creams, deodorant, or make up foundation. Wear loose clothing, nothing white. You may bring your own bathing suit, nothing too light in color, it may stain. We do provide disposable bikinis. If its raining,bring an umbrella, because you cant get wet. Don't wear jewelry. After spray tanning you must shower 6-8 hours later,so book your appointment accordingly. This spray tan results with a beautiful natural look.

Fake Bake Spray Tan Procedure: $35.00

Airbrush Makeup


Airbrush makeup application will allow coverage all day and lasts over 24 hours without smearing, running, fading or caking. Mid-day touch-ups aren’t necessary. This application is Bacteria free. Airbrushing sprays a fine mist, so the makeup is evenly applied on your skin. Airbrush makeup provides flawless coverage by minimizing skin imperfections while giving skin a beautiful natural look. Rid your Red spots, brown spots, wrinkles or blemishes, even dark circles under your eyes! This technique is the same makeup used on celebrities and fashion models to achieve smooth, natural even skin in any light.

Makeup artist will travel for wedding parties within a 20 mile radius, for an additional charge $20 extra per person.

Bella Couture Salon Spa
Bella Couture Salon Spa

Body Waxing











Half Leg


Full Leg












Eyebrow Tint

An eyebrow tint will be applied to your eyebrows to give you a fuller more beautiful look. With various colors available this service is perfect for blondes, redheads and brunettes alike.


Massage Services

Bella Couture Salon Spa


Designed to release physical and emotional toxins. This customized massage focuses on muscle and tissue layers from the superficial to the deepest. Feel your tension release with the slower more concentrated techniques that may include trigger point work, friction and mayo facial release. The entire treatment will be tailored to meet your individual needs.

Hour $100
90 mins $140


Our certified massage therapist specifically designed this massage to nurture mother and baby. Our prenatal massage will target typical discomfort associated with pregnancy and also customize the service based on a thorough intake prior to service. We are proud to now offer the Earthlite Prone Comfort System which is recognized by the FDA and allows for comfortable, safe prone massages; through all trimesters.

60 Min $100
90 Min $140


Calm your nerves and melt away tension with a relaxing stone massage. With deep radiating heat and soothing stones placed strategically on your body, while also being used as an extension of your therapist hands. During treatment you will feel your circulation improve and your mind and body release during this spiritual and relaxing treatment.

90 mins $140


Focuses on systematic relaxation and helps to release congestion and tension throughout the entire body using your feet as a map to correspond with specific organs, bones and body system. Foot reflexology and manual manipulation of pressure points releases tension and congestion from all areas of the body and can even promote optimal organ functions through strategic and pinpointed techniques. This technique can release everyday stresses and create balance and harmony in the mind and body.

Hour $90


Promotes healing through methods rooted in eastern spiritual tradition. Deeply meditative, this treatment can be done either "hands on" or through "hovered hands" as your therapist works on your body's energetic flow. This experience is designed to help you find inner balance, improve your emotional and physical well-being and promote an overall healthier energetic flow

Hour $90

Spa Massage

This treatment is an expertly executed Swedish-based massage that uses long, flowing, relaxing massage strokes in tandem with some vigorous yet soothing techniques to help relieve tension and stimulate circulation. You can choose from either light, medium or firm massage strokes. that are designed to alleviate any muscle soreness, reduce stress and help your persisting aches and pains

Hour $90

90 mins $130

Detoxifying Scrub

A thorough body exfoliation is a wonderful way to rid the skin of dead dry cells. Doing so helps the skin absorb nutrients and efficiently and creates a smooth glowing appearance. Each session will include a full body exfoliation, hot towel, removal and end with a smoothing body butter application and infused with a blend of essential oils.

60min. $100,

90 min $140

Cranio Sacral Therapy

A light touch whole body treatment, which works with the whole body, craniosacral system to support and nourish the central nervous system, improving overall health and well being. Your therapist will monitor your craniotomy rhythm to determine where restrictions are located and gently release them. The result is release in the tissue, encourages optimal fluid movements and a deep sense of calm.

Hour 60min. $100

Hemp CBD Oils, Creams & Massage Benefits

Experience a deeper level of relief, reduces muscle pain, inflammation, tension and stress. Improves circulation, skin tone, flexibility, relaxation and well-being.

Add on $20

  • Massage services are by appointment only.
  • A warm shower before your treatment will help relax muscles. No need to shave.
  • Advise your therapist about any areas of concern(injuries or muscle tension)
  • Your body will be draped at all times. If you feel uncomfortable with any massage technique, please advice your therapist promptly. This is your time and you should fully delight in experience. Whether it's the room temperature, massage pressure, or volume of music, notify the massage therapist at any time of discomfort of preference.
  • Mention any medical conditions such as high blood pressure, pregnancy, varicose veins, headaches, heart problems, edema, or any recent surgery to your therapist.
  • Advise your therapist of any rash, or cold/flu a massage will often increase discomfort.
  • Please arrive to your appointment in advance, This will allow yourself time to check in, change, and discuss your treatments/or any concerns.
  • Arriving late will limit your treatment time and therefore the effectiveness of your therapy, your treatment will end at the scheduled times in order to not inconvenience the next guest, and full price will apply.
  • Most body treatments are enjoyed without clothing. However, please wear what is comfortable for you. You may wear undergarments if this is more comfortable for you. Please bring a change of undergarments for body wrap therapies, as they may get wet. Your therapist will leave the room while you lie down on the table and drape yourself with a large sheet. Please keep in mind your therapist is trained to drape you discreetly and protect your privacy at all times.

Payment is due at the time of the service, Prices are subject to change. Please give 24 hour notice of cancellation.

Nail Services


Spa Manicure
Hydrating Soak, File, Buff/Shine, Massage, Cuticle Care, Polish

French Manicure
Hydrating Soak, File, Buff, Massage, Cuticle Care, White Polish on Tips overlayed with a neutral light shade of your choice

Paraffin Manicure
Hydrating Soak File, Buff, Massage, Paraffin Treatment, Cuticle Care, Polish

Long Lasting Manicure
Hydrating Soak, File, Buff/Shine, Massage, Cuticle Care, Permanent Polish, Extended-wear color

Spa Pedicure
Hydrating Soak, File, Buff, Cuticle Care, Lotion, Polish

Deluxe Spa Pedicure
Hydrating Soak, File, Buff, Cuticle Care, Callus removal, Exfoliation, Mask, Massage, Hot Towel, Polish

Polish Change $10
Paraffin $5
French Manicure $10

Bella Couture Salon Spa